I must say, “I truly love Zappos.” I think their customer service is great, the site is easy to navigate and it’s an all-around super experience. My husband and I are always mesmerized by the Zappos logistics. We can place an order on Sunday night and Monday we’ll have our pretty shoes delivered.

So the last time I ordered a pair of shoes, I got my confirmation email which was expected. But right after that, I got this email:

What a great way to exceed expectations. Especially since these days it seems to be a thing of the past.

So how can your business exceed expectations?

  • Ship your products out early
  • Stash some extra goodies in your shipments
  • Get a customer in or out before they expect it
  • Have a human being answer the phone
  • Give your great customers and fans a thank you gift
  • Upgrade your customers…just because they’re customers

It’s a small gesture and could go a long way with word of mouth. Look, I’m certainly blogging about my experience with Zappos! What can you do to exceed your customer’s expecatations? Give it a whirl!

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