When it comes to more traditional marketing and advertising, it can be challenging for small businesses to implement ideas from big brands. Some of these efforts can call for large budgets and staff, which the smaller guys just don’t have. But in the age of social media, it’s much easier for a small business to use ideas from large companies for their own social efforts.

With that in mind, here are three big brand ideas that small businesses can apply to their social media marketing programs to help build better engagement.

1. Walmart’s Associate Stories Video Series on YouTube

We all know how important videos can be for your digital marketing efforts. But a lot of companies (even big ones) struggle to produce video content. Instead of trying to put together some Hollywood level production, why not focus on one of your best resources … your employees?

This is exactly what Walmart did when they started to interview their own employees from around the globe. This is also something you can implement for your small business, too. If you take a look at their YouTube playlist for Associate Stories, these videos aren’t overproduced and that’s what makes them more relatable.

For under $300, you can pick up a video camera on Amazon and download easy-to-use video editing software to start shooting right away. Focus on your employees to bring the personality of the company to the forefront. Customers love when you humanize your business and these quick associate videos could make that happen in a snap.

2. Starbucks’s Pictures of Products & People on Instagram

In the age of smartphones, photos not only capture moments, they can also tell stories. This is exactly what Starbucks is doing and you can do it too.

Starbucks takes simple elements, like their beverage cups, and turns them into works of art by taking photos from nontraditional angles. They also take pictures of people enjoying their products in various settings (snuggled up on a couch, in the middle of a pumpkin patch, at the beach), making their Instagram feed very personable. The cost for this is very minimal.

For your business, focus on what makes your brand unique and tell a story. If you own a restaurant, take photos of the Chefs cooking, the fresh produce coming in the delivery door or a finished drink at the bar. These are the types of photos that can tell your story and give your business a visual personality. And the great thing is, that phone in your pocket is all you really need.

3. The Weather Channel Shows Off on Vine

Vine, the 6-second video app, has taken the world by storm. Some larger brands are foregoing the simple and paying big dollars to produce highly engaging content. But not all of them.

The Weather Channel for example, uses Vine. They do a walk-through of their studio, show what the Halloween decorations look like in the office, heck, they even show what the weather looks like outside. They stay within their comfort zone and it works. And it can work for you, too.

If you have a boutique for example, you could shoot a Vine video of an employee unpacking the latest styles shipped to your location. Or, stitch together an employee trying all the new fall fashions. Or, if we get really down and dirty, you can just shoot a Vine of latest store layout. Once again, you don’t have to overproduce this content for your community to get value out of it. Stick to the simple, but always focus on what your customers will find interesting.

If you want more information on creating Vines for your business, go to our blog post for more tips and ideas.

There you have it. Three social media ideas from some of the biggest brands around that your business can start implementing today. If you give one of these ideas a try, we’d love for you to tell us in the comments so we can check it out.

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