Vine, the six-second video app has been out for three months and we’ve explored how to use it for your business. When we read this recent article in AdAge we were impressed with Lowe’s brilliant use of the short video clips to provide useful content.

The company has released a dozen life hack videos that provide useful tips to handle everyday annoyances like rusty knives, stripped screwscorroded cookie sheets and other things that drive us batty in our homes.

According to the AdAge article, “Historically the category can be thought of as incredibly complicated. We sell products but those products are components to a project, and a consumer needs all the information on how to complete the project,” said Tom Lamb, chief marketing officer at Lowe’s. “What consumer behavior is forcing us to do is learn to be incredibly concise. We’re making an effort to demonstrate that we know a little bit, so [consumers think] it’s worth seeing what else we know on our site and in store.”

And people are taking notice. Lowe’s has been tagging the videos on Twitter using the hashtag #lowesfixinsix and they are getting a ton of retweets and media attention. What we love is that Lowe’s has shown us that videos don’t need have to be complicated and overly technical to be useful. We can use the medium to answer simple questions about our product and services in a unique and quirky fashion and engage our audience. When we do that, everyone benefits.

How can you use Vine to provide useful and engaging content for your business?

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