Remember back in high school when there was a pep rally before the big game? The whole school turned out to show their team spirit and support for the team. What if you could pump that kind of enthusiasm into your business to boost sales? We can help you do just that, and you don’t even need a marching band. All you need is a little healthy competition.

We’re sharing three contests that we think will help get your employees, including sales and non-sales staff, excited about their jobs while sparking some team spirit to light up your sales scoreboard.

1. Customer revival
Every sales crew has a list of inactive clients. For whatever reason, the client decided to take a break and isn’t buying from you at the moment. Well, this contest is designed to turn that list of inactive customers into active ones yet again, says Gio Pascucci, who handles marketing and business development for Premier Trust. Over the course of two months, see which sales person can revive the most inactive clients. The winner gets a reward like a cash bonus or tickets to an event of their choice.

2. New customer pitch
For this competition, you’ll split your staff into small teams and ask them to come up with a creative pitch to bring on a new, high-end client. This contest should include all staff members. From administrative assistants to accountants, bringing in non-sales staff is a great way to break out of the typical sales pitch rut.

Have the boss create a list of dream clients and give one name to each team. Give each team time to work on these pitches during work over the course of a week or so. Clear everyone’s schedule on a Friday and have each team give their sales presentation as if they were giving it to the client.

Have a panel of judges that offer immediate feedback and score each presentation. Give a prize to the top two presentations, and then work with those teams to refine the pitches and allow them to actually go pitch the client.

3. Team trip
Does your company have offices in various locations? If so, consider hosting a competition between offices. Over the course of one month, see which office can make the biggest increase in sales.

Keep a dry erase board in the office with the competitors total to keep everyone focused on the goal.

We’ve hosted competitions like this in our own organization, with the winning office receiving a Foosball table. Fun!

Have you had success with a sales contest? Share it in the comment section below.

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