Vine is no doubt the internet’s most popular new kid on the block. Everywhere we go, someone’s talking about it. We recently wrote about longer alternatives to the 6-second video clip Vine offers, and about the difference between Vine and Instagram. Let’s explore how businesses (like yours!) can best use Vine to get the word out.

Emily Green, of, recently wrote an article with 4 Tips for Brands Using Vine. Her tips are:

1. Decide on your message

2. Simplify that message

3. Give customers a call to action (something to do)

4. Figure out how to convey the message visually

And if you think this is silly because Vine videos are only 6 seconds long, Green writes, “consider this: 5 seconds is the standard amount of time YouTube users have to wait before skipping ads to get to content. The most relevant information in any ad should appear in the first 5 seconds anyway; this is the ‘hook’. If your Vine video grabs attention, then it’s a success.”

And non-profits are swinging on Vine too. According to Mashable, “It didn’t take long for non-profits to catch the Vine bug. As soon as Twitter launched the new Vine app, Becca Meyers of the New York Humane Society shared a six-second clip of cat Parker from the non-profit’s newly minted account. Last Friday, Parker went home with his new permanent owner, who says she adopted him because of the adorable video shared to Vine.” Sounds like a purr-fect match!

So get out there and start filming and keep Green’s 4 tips in mind. Once you’ve created some Vine videos, you can use this handy tool called Simply Measured to see who is interacting with your videos and which are getting the most engagement.

Have you posted a video to Vine yet? What tactics have you found most successful so far?

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