As a nonprofit organization, you likely use email marketing to stay in touch with constituents and encourage them to stay involved with your cause. Landing pages can support and boost those efforts by spurring visitors to take action.

Your organization’s website is a powerful tool for achieving your goals — you use it to solicit donations, educate the public, share news and promote your mission. In contrast, a landing page only has a singular, targeted objective. So what should that objective be?

Because a landing page is such a versatile tool, it can be adapted and optimized to fit your goals. Here are four ways that landing pages can be used for social good.

1. Share success stories

Has your organization hit an exciting milestone? Has a new piece of legislation been passed that will help your cause? Show how your organization is making a difference with a landing page that celebrates your big wins. Whether you choose to showcase that success through statistics or decide to take a more narrative approach by sharing inspiring updates from volunteers or donors, telling a success story is a great way to build a personal connection with your supporters while demonstrating that your work has a real impact.

Be sure to include a donation button and use images or graphics that complement the story. This example from the Petco Foundation’s adoption series uses high-quality images to create a success story landing page that is both emotionally and visually compelling.

2. Create a targeted donations page

You already solicit general donations on your website, but with a landing page, you can take a more targeted approach. Want to appeal to frequent donors? First, segment your email list to distinguish the more recent supporters from the repeat donors, then email a link to a landing page that explains the value of monthly giving. Do you want to encourage people who’ve recently signed up for your email list to donate? Create a landing page that introduces that segment to your organization.

Your website speaks to a broader audience about your overarching mission. But a landing page allows you to narrow your focus, and craft unique messages that resonate with a specific audience or highlight a specific occasion. In an age when people are bombarded with digital marketing messages, it’s imperative that the content you share be relevant and timely if you want to get your supporters to take action. Landing pages can help you deliver the right messages to your constituents at the right time.

3. Provide information on an upcoming campaign, event or fundraiser

A landing page is the ideal platform for introducing new marketing initiatives or upcoming events and fundraisers. Whenever necessary, you can quickly build a page promoting your campaign or event, then add any pertinent information, photos or lead capture forms.

The Wildlife Conservation Network holds an expo every spring. Their landing page for the event includes the time, date, location and speaker schedule, along with a basic explanation of the event and an eye-catching image.

4. Increase newsletter subscriptions

One of the best ways to update your supporters on your campaign’s progress is with a newsletter. In fact, according to a recent Nielsen Norman Group study, 90 percent of people prefer to receive updates via email newsletter. You can build your subscriber list by creating a dedicated newsletter landing page with a lead capture form. Make sure that you let visitors know exactly what they can expect from your newsletter, any benefits that come with signing up and how often they’ll be receiving your messages. It’s also important that your call to action is clear — there should be no confusion about how to submit an email address.

Landing pages are effective marketing tools, and any social good organization can use them to generate interest in their cause and encourage supporters to take action.

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