Google+ Communities are online groups dedicated to particular topics, interests or subject matters where people on Google+ meet to network and share thoughts. We’ve talked about how Google+ Local is making a huge impact for local businesses, but Google+ Communities is where heaps of online action is happening.

Navneet Kaushal over at recently wrote an article about 5 ways to use Google+ Communities, and they’re worth sharing. Here are 5 ways to killer marketing with Google+ Communities:

1. Create brand awareness

You ain’t nobody till you’re somebody. No matter what your product or service is, there’s probably already a Google+ Community talking about the market. Get out there and interact with your customer base. This isn’t about lining up the hard sell, it’s about making friends and getting your name out there. Navneet explains, “A brand should try to interact and have conversations with members of Communities related to their industry. Once a level of trust has been established, then the brand can inform them about the service or product, in a very modest fashion. The aim here is to establish relationship and not push sales.”

2. Start your own community

Maybe there isn’t anybody talking about your industry – yet. Or, maybe you just know that you can say it better. With just a click of a button, you can start your own community to let people talk about the things important to them in your area of expertise.

3. Help By Having the Answers

Active participation in Google+ Communities allows you to help your community by having the answers and sharing content and information that will be useful for your audience. By helping first and foremost, you’ll become a trusted source.

Navneet writes, “Google Plus Communities are used as a way of getting answers or solving doubts by many users. Many industry experts are present on Google Plus and people see it as a chance of getting answers from an expert himself. This is when you step up and prove that your brand or service has an authority on discussions related to your specific industry.”

4. Google’s paying attention

Google’s in the name so you know they’re paying attention, right? Participating in Google+ Communities is a great way to raise your status in Google’s eyes, and raise your website’s search results in the process. As long as you set your community to public, you can  work your way to more organic traffic than Whole Foods.

5. Engage with active users, and possible customers

It’s not called social media by accident. If you wanna get to the top, you gotta mix it up with the active users. Google+ Communities is a great way to do just that. Many big names and social influencers are on Google+ so it’s the perfect spot to get your biz connected.

There you go, 5 simple ways to have kiler marketing with Google+ Communities. How will you use Google+ Communities for your biz?

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