Social media is all about engaging your customers and fans. Sharing interesting content and industry knowledge is a great way to start conversations, but it can be a real time suck finding and/or creating all that great content. VerticalResponse Social to the rescue!

Say you’re cruising the web and you find a cool article or blog post. You think, “Hey, my followers might like this!” Use our Clipper tool to save it – easy! Simply drag the Clipper paperclip icon (also found under the social tab in your VerticalResponse account) onto your toolbar, and click “Clip It!” We’ll save the clipped content in your VR Social account so you can share it later. When it’s time to create a social post, you won’t be desperate for content – just pick from your library of saved links!


By the way, did you know that VR Social also offers a huge library of content sources right in your account? You can choose your industry and interests, and we’ll provide a relevant selection of content to share with the click of a mouse.

Save time and get killer content? A total win/win.

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