One of the easiest ways to make your blog a bit more engaging is to add images to your posts, because human beings respond to graphics much more quickly than text, and an image is more inviting than a wall of words.

Mike Alton recently wrote a post for Social Media Today that listed benefits of using images in blogs. It’s a pretty cool list, so we thought we’d share it along with additional benefits:

1. Thumbnail images

Thumbnail images are like little buddies that help promote your text, kind of like a visual wingman. Pair your content with a wingman for a better shot at getting reader interest to click through to your post.

2. Get more social media action

Alton writes, “More importantly, when you share new posts to social networks like Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, it’s far more effective to include a great image with your post, than just text. Social networks are becoming increasingly visual. Images or posts with images achieve exponentially higher engagement levels than just plain text.” Think about Pinterest, it was built on visual images.

3. Support your point

Sometimes a visual image helps a reader understand what you’re trying to describe. Techniques like screen shots and product images go a long way towards letting folks know what you’re talking about.

4. Makin’ memories

Close your eyes and think about some of your favorite memories. Do you remember text or images? Images are just more memorable.

5. Emotional connections

Not many people dream in Times New Roman. If you want to connect with your audience, add an image. Alton suggests, “If the topic of your blog allows it, you should strive to pick an image that will touch your readers on an emotional level.”

6. Color

Remember that moment in the Wizard of Oz when it switches from black and white to color? That’s what a picture can do for your blog – it adds that pop and visual interest.

7. Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Alton writes, “Images are excellent for SEO. SEO is all about making sure that you use your targeted keywords throughout your page and website, and images provide an opportunity for you to do just that. Having great images that are appropriately titled will actually bring you additional traffic just from the image.”

8. Inject a little humor

Pictures can add a touch of personality or humor to entertain your readers. Just try to find something appropriate and never offensive.

9. Look professional

All the top dogs use images. Leave them out and your blog may look bland.

The next time you’re ready to hit publish on your blog post, think of this list and make sure you have an awesome image to match your equally awesome blog post.

Source: 10 Benefits of Using Images in Blogs

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