Content marketing is about reaching your audience in new and innovative ways that help your readers, build stronger customer relationships and deliver results.


When you are able talk to different people about your service, product or business, you have the ability to produce amazing high-quality content. Steve Masters, of Vertical Leap, recently wrote an article focusing on the people-oriented nature of content marketing.

Masters writes, “Your content marketing strategy should not be driven by your search engine optimization requirements. It should be driven by the customers you are trying to reach. Let’s qualify that a bit, because it sounds like I am saying content marketing doesn’t help SEO. Content IS a vital part of your SEO strategy, but you have to understand the relationship.”

Masters points to Google and Bing’s ideal of focusing on content and link quality, not quantity. This means a strategy of creating content that’s shared and interacted with is one of the best way to find success with search engines. This way your quality content gets found by people searching online. The most proven way of accomplishing this is by regularly producing relevant, high-quality content.

Masters explains, “Google and Bing can see your content being shared and talked about, they can see the quality of the sites that are linking to your content, and that these sites are all about people too. Thinking about your reader and not about the search engine will stand you in good stead.”

We’ve got more on the topic of optimizing your content for people and search engines here.

How do you make sure you keep your readers in mind when creating your content? Share in the comments.

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