What does your friend who quit Facebook have in common with Arnold Schwarzenegger? He’ll be back.

Earlier this week, the Pew Research Center released a study that showed 61% of Facebook users have voluntarily taken a break for several weeks or more.

Chris Taylor over at Mashable.com broke down the data and came up with some key observations.

While 61% of Facebook users may have taken sustained breaks, that shouldn’t be taken as a sign that people are losing interest in Facebook. Taylor explains, “Think about it: that includes everyone who’s ever taken a two-week vacation without looking at the Internet, or had their heads down on a project, or otherwise sworn off social media for an extended period of time. Look at it that way, and it is probably more surprising that 39% of users in the survey said they’d never taken a break. ”

Taylor isn’t just looking through rose-colored glasses; the data actually backs him up. The number one given reason for taking a Facebook break was the person was too busy.

Rather than worrying about the 61% of users who have taken a break, Facebook fans should focus on the 69% of users who said they plan to spend about as much time on Facebook this year as last year.

What is the longest amount of time you’ve gone without actively using Facebook, and what was the reason?

Source:Most of Us Take Facebook Breaks, Then We Come Back

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