On Tuesday we released some new features and enhancements into the product. Below is a quick summary of what’s new and cool in VerticalResponse. Once again, all these enhancements were made based on direct customer feedback so thanks for making your voice heard.  Got other ideas or comments to share?  Let’s hear from you!

1. Save Your Email as a PDF:


Our customer support team got this request so many times from customers that they surrounded our User Interface designer with torches and pitchforks and demanded that he add this feature into the product.

Ok, maybe that didn’t happen but they did ask really nicely and our developer James aims to please so he whipped this up and there was much rejoicing!  During the “Preview” step of the email creation process you’ll now be able to download a copy of the email into a PDF for all your non-electronic communication needs. Yes, you can even fax a copy of your email to someone who might be interested in your message through faxes!

2. Spellchecker in the New Email Wizard:

Now you can easily proof your spelling when creating your email in our slick new Email Wizard editor. Ok, ok you’re right we really should have had this in the app when we launched but there’s a really interesting story that explains why it was left out.  It all started when — hey, did we mention you can save your email as a PDF?  Yeah, PDFs are cool.  Moving on…

3. View Your List of Lists:


When we re-designed the new launch page for our recent Email Creation Upgrade we really wanted to remove some of the extraneous details and highlight only the most critical bits. We thought this would be more visually appealing and get users through the process even faster. From your feedback it sounds like we were on target for the most part but we did make a mistake by removing the ability to view all the lists you are mailing to on the final launch page.

We made the assumption that you would be fine with just seeing the total subscriber count that they were about to mail.  Well, you know what happens when you assume.  Yeah, sorry about that. We heard you loud and clear and we’re happy to report that you can now see all your lists on the launch page by just toggling between “View” and “Hide.”  Thanks for your feedback and for setting us straight, we promise never to disappoint you again (but if we do we’ll *totally* fix it in a follow up release). 


4. Other Stuff:

In addition to the features noted above we also made some additional improvements to the product such as:

  • Upgrading the open source engine that powers our Email Canvas product
  • Creating and patching up some of our API methods to play nicely within our new Email Editors
  • Solving a bunch of bugs and nagging usability issues, specifically related to list loading and email formatting

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