Event planners are multitaskers. From dealing with vendors and booking venues, to responding to the changing needs of clients, there’s a lot to keep tabs on. In an industry where there’s so much to be done and time is at a premium, Email Automation can help.

Rather than manually sending out important marketing emails to your contacts, automated emails allow you to create a single message or series of messages whenever it’s most convenient for you, and then schedule them to be delivered later. Though Email Automation will work for any business, it can be especially helpful for wedding and event planning businesses. Here are four ways that you can introduce automation into your email marketing program:

Welcome emails

Quite possibly the most common type of automated message, a welcome autoresponder is typically delivered immediately after someone signs up for your email list. It introduces your brand and lets new subscribers know what they can expect from your messages. Your greeting should thank new contacts for joining your list and remind them of why they decided to sign up in the first place. Will you offer discounts? Vendor information? Tips on finding the perfect venue? Use the welcome autoresponder to briefly explain the value of your emails and services.

Reengagement campaign

Not everyone who signs up for your email list will end up hiring you — at least not immediately. Don’t let those email addresses gather dust. You can encourage inactive leads to take the next step with an automated series that promotes your services.

Try sending messages that introduce (or reintroduce) your business, offer testimonials from satisfied clients, or link to a case study or landing page that succinctly breaks down the steps in your planning process. If it makes sense for your company, give these prospects an extra nudge by offering a discount or some other premium service. Remember, each email in the sequence should focus on generating interest in your services and getting leads to reach out to you.

Anniversary messages

Referrals and repeat business are the keys to long-term success for any company. So even if former clients don’t currently need your services, it’s well worth your while to continue nurturing the connection you have with them. One great way to maintain top-of-mind awareness is by sending an automated anniversary email. Wedding professionals can set up an email that’s triggered to send one year after the ceremony, congratulating the happy couple. This would also be a great opportunity to encourage a former client to book your services for an anniversary party. General event planners who coordinate annual conferences or celebrations could also set up an email that reminds past clients to book their company for the upcoming year.

Feedback requests

To measure the success of an event and improve your strategy going forward, it’s important to follow up with clients to learn what worked for them and what didn’t. It’s also important to send that feedback request in a timely manner. Email Automation makes it easier to get feedback from clients at a moment when your business and the wonderful experience you created are still fresh in their minds. To get these valuable insights into your performance, create an autoresponder that’s set to deliver no more than a week after your clients’ events. Link to a survey you’ve created, encourage clients to write a review on a site like The Knot, EventWire or Yelp, or send out a call for general feedback.

As an event planner, you understand the importance of organization better than most. Automating emails is a simple way to stay on track as you juggle multiple projects and meet your goals.

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