Hi, this is Jill Bastian, Training and Education Manager and I am taking over the VR Product Blog for this post! I know its not quite 2011 yet, but I thought it would be a great time for you to start thinking about your current emails and what you can do to make them even better. I’ve taken an email that one of our customers recently sent and made some easy changes to get it ready for the New Year!

Our customer, Lucky Bums, has been paying attention to the email tips we give. They follow many of our best practice suggestions when creating their emails, such as:

  • Personalization
  • Good length
  • Lots of white space to make it easy to read
  • Good balance of text and images
  • Great Call to Action!

This is their most recent email:


Pretty good huh? But even something good can be even more effective with just a few tweeks. In line with New Years Email Resolutions I’ve added just a few more things:

  • Pre-Header text– helps your email stand out in the inbox and get opened
  • Lots of Links – makes it really easy for your customers to get to your site
  • Link Images – people know they can click on pictures, let them!
  • Add Alt Tags – just in case your recipients don’t load images right away, give them a reason to turn them on
  • Social Media – your recipients use Facebook and Twitter just like you do, give them an easy link to get to your pages
  • Forward to a Friend – an easy way to spread the word, and you can grow your list too! Plus, this email asks the recipients to share the email, this makes it easy to do so.


Same email, same template, same great content, just spiffed up for 2011!

Want your email to get a 2011 make-over? Let me know!

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