We’ve added event management templates to VerticalResponse Surveys so you can ask people more than what they think of your company and its wonderful products or services. You can now use our survey application to manage your company events! 

You can collect RSVPs, find out travel and meal preferences and much more! This valuable information will help you prepare successful events for yourself and your attendees.

Event Templates Make it Easy
We have two customizable survey templates to help you manage your event. Check out the step-by-step instructions listed below or in this pdf.

To get started, go to Surveys > New Survey.  Then:

1.    Give your survey a name for your own reference.

2.    Select Use a pre-made template and select Organizations/Event Planning from the left column. There are two event management templates here. Select the one that works best for your event.

3.    Choose a Traditional survey type.

4.    Unless you want to limit potential registrants to only the specific people you invite via a VerticalResponse email, choose to allow both invited & anonymous participants.  When you select this option we’ll provide you with a link that you can place on your website. Or you can redirect people to your survey as part of the event registration process.

5.    You can opt to receive notifications showing how many people have taken your survey. You can also set the frequency of notifications depending on your needs and receive automatic updates while you’re planning your event.

6.    Set an Exit Redirect to a page on your website.  A good approach is to create a ‘thank you’ page on your website where you can send people when they’re done.

Move on to ‘Next’ and build your questions

After you’ve created your questions and taken the survey live, you can access reports that provide summaries and help you make adjustments while you’re managing your events. You can also drill down to the answers provided by individual respondents.

To learn more about the different features of the survey application, download our Step-by-Step Guide to Surveys or visit help.verticalresponse.com/how-to/surveys.

Let us know how you like using the new templates to manage your events!

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