After a busy June at Facebook that included rolling out Instagram video, introducing photos in comments, revamping pages’ analytics dashboards and more, another update is coming to light.

Brian Anthony Hernandez recently published an article on Mashable called Facebook’s ‘Sort Comments’ Feature Gets Early Thumbs Up From Users. In it, he reports that Pages and select users can now sort comments chronologically or by activity. An increasing number of individuals, as well as their friends and the people they follow, are slowly getting access to the sorting capabilities.

This is tremendously important for users and page managers engaging in social media marketing. The new tools make it easier than ever for page managers and people who receive many comments on their posts to moderate comments in real-time. The features allow users to choose to either view comments in chronological order– which is key for moderation– or by popularity, as was previously available through the reply-to-comments feature.

Clearly, Facebook has been busy tricking out their tools so that everyone can make the most of their social media marketing. These new tools will make it easier than ever to effectively spread the word about your brand on Facebook, while also keeping an eye on what’s being said.

Do you have access to the new commenting features yet? If so, how have they helped your biz?

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