Business-to-business emails can be used to get customers to sign up for a free trial, encourage them to attend a webinar or teach them to use your products or services better. But if your subject lines don’t grab their attention, your messages might never get read sales email subject line. If you could use some help creating subject lines that stand out and inspire clicks, then this post is for you.

Here are 25 examples of some great B2B subject lines that you can test out for your business today.

  • How to Leverage [your product] in Your Business
  • Save Money and Look Like a Star to Your Boss
  • How to Impress Your CFO — Save $1000
  • Increase Your ROI by 30%, Guaranteed
  • How to make it onto your buyer’s shortlist
  • Free Webinar: [insert webinar name]
  • Now you can do even more with your [xxxx]
  • Should your company outsource [insert thing to outsource here]?
  • Breakfast & Secrets for How to [insert the problem you solve or the product you sell]
  • Success Tip: 5 Ways to a Better [xxxx]
  • Register Today: [insert name of event] Sept. 10!
  • Entry deadline fast approaching
  • New White Paper: Best Practices for [Insert problem and solution here]
  • Success Tip #1: [Insert Tip Headline Here]
  • A gift employees and clients will love: [Insert gift name here]
  • Extended for a Day: Get Free Shipping Through Friday
  • Your Weekly Alert: [insert topic here]
  • Hear Exclusive Research Presented on [insert what your event is about] — Register Now!
  • Inside: [hot topic in your newsletter you think will get the most opens]
  • Save $200: [insert event here] Early Bird Registration Ends [insert date here]
  • It’s a pleasure doing business with you, [insert name]
  • Busy? Let us take something off your plate.
  • Nothing personal, it’s just good business, [insert name]
  • The ultimate guide to [your service or product]
  • Last day to register for our free webinar!

And here are 10 more B2B subject lines to inspire you.

  • EXPIRES AT MIDNIGHT: 50% off certifications that prove you know | Hootsuite
  • Quickly collaborate on PDFs with Acrobat | Adobe
  • Find Out How the Best Companies Are Using Salesforce | Bluewolf
  • Migrate to all flash storage but do it right | HP
  • Want to come to Conex? Name your price! | Conex
  • The Day After: 11 Things to Do After You Publish a Post | Quicksprout
  • Discover why 100,000+ customers are using Zendesk | Zendesk
  • If you have a website, you need this tool | Sumo
  • Ends Today: 62 Premium WordPress Themes at One Crazy Low Price | CopyBlogger
  • We’d loooooove your feedback, [customer name] | Flywheel

Don’t let lackluster subject lines be the reason your important emails are ignored. Feel free to use the examples and inspiration above to create subject lines that get your emails opened and read. check out Subject Line Length – Is Longer Better?

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Editor’s note: This article was originally published in November 2009. It has been rewritten for accuracy and relevance.

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