SlideShare is one of the services best positioned to take advantage of the continuing integration between social media marketing and content marketing. If you haven’t heard of SlideShare, it’s known as the world’s largest community for sharing presentations and, according to, “has also been referred to as ‘the world’s largest professional content sharing community.’”

For information about SlideShare, Forbes interviewed David Brier, a brand specialist with over 200,000 presentation shares on the service. According to Brier, ” SlideShare is a great resource, but more importantly, businesses can use SlideShare to get the message out in a venue that is already primed for and seeking information, insight and useful strategies.”

Describing the platforms potential, Brier continues, “One important myth is how SlideShare can be used. It is a blank canvas so just as brands have turned YouTube into a vehicle for their brand, the same could be done on SlideShare. It’s a wide open channel that could truly be revolutionized and I see that happening. Plus with their new Send Tracker service, you can see how people engaged with a presentation, thus providing analytics for the content.”

SlideShare promises to continue growing into one of the most effective business to business social media marketing tools. With new analytic tracking features and a seriousness of purpose, SlideShare just might be the trick to generating high-quality leads with a social media twist.

Have you started using SlideShare for your business?

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