A call-to-action (CTA) is an important part of email marketing. A smart CTA gives readers clear instructions on what action you want them to take. A call-to-action button makes this desired step even more visible. For PC, tablet, or mobile users, the button is a quick way to get to the designated URL or landing page.

VerticalResponse now offers a free button building tool within the email editor. The tool allows you to create and edit a CTA button with just a few clicks. It’s available to use with 100% of VerticalResponse’s email templates. The tool allows you to create the perfect button for your emails in a snap. The best part is that we designed it to be a new content block. This way, if your reader’s email program blocks the images, the button still appears.

Here are a few things you can do with it:

Label – Your button can say anything you’d like. It’s a text field. We recommend you make the action as clear and concise as possible. If readers have to spend more than a second reading it, it’s too wordy. Short and sweet calls to action like “Sign Up Today”, “Learn More”, “Buy Now” or “Donate” will get your readers clicking.

Design– This is where you can have some fun! Choose the color of the Body, or the main part of the button. You can also pick the color of the Text and the Border around the button. Pick a combination of colors that make your call-to-action stand out or complement the colors of your logo, website, or email template. It’s totally up to you.

Width – The Width and Corners are part of the button design as well. These attributes can help your button stand out even more. Along with determining the width, you can also make the corners rounded or more square. Test how your readers respond to different buttons to find the perfect one for your emails.

Size – This setting will make the text, and the button, bigger. The numbers are pixel sizes for the text on the button.

Lastly, you can add a URL to the button to make it clickable. By inserting a link, you can send them to a signup page, a place to make a donation or purchase, or a page to learn more.

VerticalResponse has included this design tool with the email templates in your account. It is not available in Classic accounts.

Happy button building!

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