Facebook Graph Search is rolling out fast, and you’ve got to get a jump on prepping your page in order to take full advantage. We’ve got you covered with some tips and tactics that’ll help  your page climb in Facebook Graph search results.

In a recent article by Andrea Vahl, we learned the 4 most important tips are to:
1. Watch your category and About section
2. Get some check-ins
3. Stake your claim, and
4. Get a bunch of tags and likes

1. Watch your category and About section

Facebook categories have tons of category selections (such as place, books, music, etc.). The Place category also has subcategory selections (such as French, Chinese, Burgers or Pizza for restaurants) that you’ll want to use to define your page. You can pick up to 3 subcategories which directly affect your search results, so choose wisely when picking each category.

Now, for the About Section, you’ll want to make sure you fit keywords in there. This section is also indexed in search engines, like Google, so you’re getting twice the bang for your effort. The better your keyword selection, the better your chances of being found!

2. Get some check-ins

With Facebook Graph Search, users can search by friends who have been to a particular location. Vahl explains, “The number of check-ins are not always a factor in the ranking of search results, but the more people you have check into your place, the more likely you will come up in searches when people filter by their friends.”

3. Stake your claim

Anyone with a smartphone can create a place to check in on Facebook, which means that there may be tons of people checking into offshoot variations of your business. To make sure your page gets the credits for each actual customer check in, you need to stake your claim. Once a page has has been claimed, Facebook will suggest that account first when people go to check in.

4. Get a bunch of tags and likes

Facebook, like a proud grandmother, always has pictures to share. Post and tag your page and friends in as many pictures as possible. Encourage your visitors to post their own pictures, and tag your page with it, when you have events. Do this, and when people search for your type of business on Facebook, Graph Search may show them a picture of one of their friends having fun at your location!

Facebook Graph Search is still an unknown entity, but what we know for sure is that it’ll gather traffic and interest as it moves from beta to a full launch. Make sure you’re in the best position to capitalize on that search traffic by following these 4 tips for optimizing your page for Facebook Graph Search.

Do you have plans to make any changes for Facebook Graph Search to your page?

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