Well over half of all Facebook users access their accounts from mobile devices (reportedly 680 million out of one billion active users). The new Facebook “phone”, called Home, promises to bring even more Facebook action to mobile devices.

With so many people using mobile devices, it’s important to make sure your Facebook marketing is mobile-friendly. Jim Belosic, CEO of Shortstack, recently wrote some quick tips that we’d like to share with you to get the most out of your mobile marketing needs.

  • Taget the Right Audience – Facebook’s ad system allows you to specifically target which type of users can see your ads (desktop, desktop and mobile, or mobile only). If you’re targeting a mobile audience, make sure you’re reaching a mobile audience.

    • Belosic advises, “If you’re not sure whether mobile or desktop Facebook ads perform best for your business, test what works and compare results. You don’t want to throw money at something that doesn’t perform.”

  • Go Mobile with Promotions – If you’re running a mobile Facebook campaign, make sure everything promoting it is mobile friendly including associated email marketing, social media, web content, or associated apps.

  • Get Physical – One of the great things about mobile technology is that it allows users to access information from anywhere. Integrate your campaign with physical collateral including signs, QR codes at your business, incentivized check-ins, or mobile compatible coupons.

The most important thing to remember with any mobile campaign, writes Belosic, is that “you want to make sure that your users don’t have to think about getting to your content. They should be able to click and everything should be easy to read.”

Do you have plans to make your Facebook marketing more mobile?

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