Yep, it’s another social media site that you need to pay attention to, Instagram. Remember, that’s the company Facebook bought where you can take some seriously cool pics, put them through some awesome filtering and post them to your social networks.

Well it’s not just about pics of the Statue of Liberty on your New York vacay or the sick Pad Thai you ate last night, it’s about how Instagram can lend a helping hand to business just like Facebook has been doing.

How? Eyeballs. Facebook and Instagram have them, and many millions of them. And people are “moved” by images, not just words. So when you post come great pictures about your biz, your products, your employees and your company, it paints a face on your business so people know who you are and what you stand for.

So now you can set up an Instagram profile and post all kinds of content! What’s also cool is that images on the top of your screen rotate around from all of the pics you’ve posted. Love that.

Instagram Profiles

Looks just like a Facebook Profile but with pictures huh?

5 Quick Instagram Posting Opportunities

  1. Post pictures of your place of business
  2. Post images of your products
  3. Post pictures of your team
  4. Post pictures of your customers
  5. Post pictures of your events
Remember, this is more about who you are and who your business is and less about a direct sales opportunity so make sure what you post isn’t boring!

Getting started with your Instagram profile for your business.

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