We’re excited to announce the release of Test Kit, our latest feature that makes email marketing even easier. Test Kit allows VerticalResponse users to preview emails before they’re sent, ensuring that messages display and perform properly across email clients, devices and browsers. Never guess about an email campaign again — Test Kit lets you hit Send with confidence.

What is Test Kit?

An email that looks great in one inbox may be a distorted mess with broken links and images in another. This is because emails can render differently across programs and devices. While many marketers will wisely send a test email to their own accounts before sending campaigns to their entire list, more thorough testing is crucial to confirm that emails look their best in every inbox.

To give users a comprehensive view of the way emails are rendering and to help catch any mistakes before messages are sent, VerticalResponse’s Test Kit features three different types of tests: Inbox Preview, Subject Line Preview and Link Checker.

Inbox Preview

Your subscribers open their emails using different programs, browsers and devices. Inbox Preview allows you to see your email just as your subscribers would with real screenshots. Just one click will run the test across 58 of the most popular email clients, devices and browsers, including iPhone, Gmail, Yahoo, Chrome and Safari.

Subject Line Preview

Subject line character limits differ by browser and device. To ensure that the enticing copy you’ve composed for your subject line is read in full, you need to make sure that it doesn’t exceed the maximum display length.

Subject Line preview shows you a list of mail clients and the maximum number of characters that will be displayed for each. This preview grays out any letters that won’t be visible, so you can adjust your subject lines if necessary.

Link Checker

An incorrect, broken or forgotten link in an email isn’t just embarrassing — it’s a missed conversion opportunity. Link Checker automatically checks all links in your email so you never send an email with a broken link again. The Link column will list all the links in the email. Just click on a link and the page will appear within the VerticalResponse app.

Why use Test Kit?

Improve campaign performance. After reviewing your email, use what you’ve learned to improve the message’s appearance and readability, so you can drive readers to take the action you want.

Increase credibility. Sending a slick-looking email with a powerful subject line and working links tells readers that you’re a serious, professional organization.

Update efficiently. Test Kit is part of the email editor, so you can see test results in a matter of seconds. Inspect your emails before you hit the send button, and then quickly and easily update your email designs based on the test results.

How Test Kit works

Test Kit operates on credits. To use the feature, you pay one credit per test. Pro plan users automatically receive credits. Free or Basic plan users can purchase credits as desired.

Access Test Kit within the email editor by clicking on the “Preview” button on top of the message. “Test Kit” is one of the drop-down options.

You shouldn’t have to guess how your emails will appear to your subscribers or cross your fingers and hope for the best before you hit send. Test Kit makes it possible for you to build better emails and create campaigns that look exactly the way you want them to.

Spend less time reaching more customers

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