Mobile apps aren’t just the here and now, they’re the future too, and are certain to impact businesses large and small.

Tatyana Mahlaeva of recently broke it down, “It is well known that the sale of mobile devices has exceeded the sale of desktop computers and laptops for a few years running. Add to that the declining cost of mobile devices, which results in greater accessibility for the consumer. These two facts have not only led to the current high number of sales for mobile applications, but also directly leads to the growing need for app development.”

Research values the global app market at $35 billion next year alone – making huge stakes for businesses that need a mobile app.  What are some trends we can expect with the continued drive to mobile?

Mahlaeva’s article predicts:

  • Continued increase in the diagonal size of phones
  • Moves towards the adaptation of desktop apps for mobile operating systems
  • A dominance of HTML5 technology
  • Wild new technologies like Google Glass that allow users to wear the product

As the rise in mobile usage changes user behavior, successful businesses will change some plans; we’ve talked about how to make email more mobile friendly, and mobile users tend to be far more engaged in social media.

Staying up-to-date on the mobile technology trends and growth may become an important factor of successful business internet marketing plans. What are you doing to get the most value out of your mobile marketing efforts?

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