Currently, the only thing psychic associated with Adobe is the prediction that your computer will prompt you for yet another Reader update. But Adobe Social recently announced a new piece to their social media marketing toolset that’s designed to predict the number of likes, comments and interactions a Facebook post will receive.  This new predictive feature is meant to help you stay relevant and avoid posts that fall flat.

In a recent TechCrunch article, author Anthony Ha explained the new Adobe features, “Adobe is using historical data — both in aggregate and at the customer-specific level — to predict the likely engagement level and sentiment around a specific Facebook post, and it can recommend keywords, content types and timing that might lead to a better response.”

The user experience will be that, “Customers can open a widget showing the estimated range for the amount of Likes, comments, and shares a post will receive. They can also identify other metrics that matter to them, and Adobe will track and predict those as well. And before publishing, the service will notify them if there are things that could be improved — for example if it would be better to schedule a post for later, because the customer’s account posted similar content a few minutes prior.”

It remains to be seen if this will be a successful feature, something the market demands, or prove to be as accurate as a Magic 8 ball, but it’s an exciting new development on the social media marketing horizon.

The expected date of release is this summer. Do you predict that this new feature for Adobe’s Social will help you engage more social media users?

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