Back in June we told you event marketing and ticket sales were being added to our product offerings, and we’re delighted that VerticalResponse Event Marketing is being released very soon! This new tool will enable you to quickly create event websites, sell online tickets, accept sponsorships and donations, and send emails to promote your events − all through your VerticalResponse account.

After the launch, you’ll notice a new “Events” tab in the main navigation bar, and we’ll move the Calendar and Library sections under a new “Tools” tab.


Getting Started & Selling Tickets

To get started you’ll simply complete a quick sign-up page. After that, you can create and market your event in no time!

With VR Event Marketing there are several ways to “sell” event tickets:

  • Create an online box office on the event website where customers can buy tickets to your events.
  • Use the Shopping Cart feature to sell tickets at various price points (or free of charge) that your customers can purchase, and then print a receipt to gain entrance to your event.
  • Embed the ticket widget on your web site, or even your Facebook page, within minutes!


Collecting Funds

If you’re selling tickets, the funds can be deposited directly in your PayPal account. Ticket purchases and revenue figures can be accessed for your event at any time, allowing you to quickly gauge how your promotions are performing and whether you need to expand your mailing lists or exposure to social networks.

Get Social with Your Event Marketing

Speaking of social networks, have you taken advantage of our recent Social Media Updates for getting the word out about your email campaigns and events? Well, now’s your chance! Your event marketing programs can also benefit from our social media update to track the popularity of your events among your customers and their social networks. Simply turn on our social sharing features in your email invitations and announcements, and your customers and their connections can promote your events for the widest reach possible. The number of posts, tweets, and Forward to a Friend actions are all tracked through your VerticalResponse email reports dashboard.

Event Marketing Email Templates

Currently in your VR account are new email templates that can be tailored for a variety of invitations and campaigns. If you’ve already created emails for events you don’t have to worry about redoing all the great work you already have, since invitations can be sent through your VerticalResponse account.



We’re proud to offer our non-profit customers free email credits and discounts on our survey and postcard services, and with Event Marketing we continue our commitment to those of you who do so much for your communities. Along with selling tickets and collecting payments you can also accept donations or sell sponsorships for your events. Event sponsors can then be recognized in your invitations and event website to showcase those who donate to your cause.


As you can see there’s a lot to be excited about, and we hope you’re as excited about these new features as we are! To provide input use the Feedback tab in the application, since we’re very interested to hear your impressions while working with VerticalResponse Event Marketing. We ask that you continue to provide feedback and suggestions to improve and maximize your experience, and we’ll strive to bring more of these great features to you!

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