Pinterest announced this week that they’re putting their popular look under the microscope for some possible changes in the near future. The Pinterest blog shares, “We’re excited to announce that we’ll be testing an update to with a small group of people soon. With this update, we’ve tried to take your feedback into account. We’re eager to learn even more from some of you during this test.”

So, what exactly is Pinterest testing and why? They seem to be doing pretty well with their current look and feel that’s inspired several knock-offs. Pinterest will look to improve upon a few things including:

Navigation: Tech Crunch reports that, “Right now, the top of the site (Pinterest) has a few navigation options but still requires users to click a drop-down arrow to see a full list of feed categories. Pinterest’s new design condenses the navigation into a button in the top right. Click it to pull up options like “Following Feed,” “Popular Pins” and “Every Pin,” as well as dozens of categories like “Outdoors” and “Men’s Fashion” (yes there is men’s stuff on Pinterest).”


Image courtesy of Pinterest

The new style aims for a cleaner aesthetic, which could promote more engagement by making it easier for Pinners to find what they want.

More is More: To further enhance the visual element of Pinterest, images in the new design will be even bigger. Now those pics of chocolate cupcakes might just rival the real deal. Not only will the images be bigger, but there will also be a lot more information. Pinterest says,” On each pin, you’ll see pins from the same board, other boards a pin was pinned to, and a whole slew of related pins.” And here’s where it gets interesting, based on all the data they have about what Pinterest users have liked, pinned or repinned, Pinterest can help you explore and discover other things you may like. Good stuff considering the massive amount of content currently on Pinterest.


Image courtesy of Pinterest

If you’re interested in being one of the first to see the new look, send Pinterest your information.

Let us know what you think. We’re waiting for our sneak preview too.

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