As the year is wrapping up, we’ve also wrapped up some useful updates to our product: An easier and more user-friendly email send process, plus automatic list field mapping. Here’s what that means:

1) Upload a new list during the send process

We eliminated any distractions in the email send flow so you can get your email out fast. For instance, if you’d like to send an email, but haven’t uploaded a list yet, or would like to upload a new one, you can now upload that list without leaving the email send flow. Before, you had to leave, upload your contacts, set up your list, then come back through the email send flow. As usual, you can select a list you’ve already uploaded to your account, or, you can now upload a file, or manually add email addresses to create a new list in your account.

Please note: These updates only apply to the new version of VerticalResponse, not our Classic accounts.


If you choose to upload a new list during the send process, we automatically select that list for you once the upload is complete. Then, all you need to do is either send your email now, or schedule it to go out in the future.

2) Share your email on social after you’ve scheduled/sent

Sharing your email on social has always been an option, but we moved this step to the end of the email send flow, where it just makes sense. Post your email to Facebook and/or Twitter, and if you haven’t linked your accounts yet, you can also do so on this page. Once your email is sent from our system, we’ll post it to the social networks you’ve selected. Easy and efficient!


3) Map your email list fields automatically 

Currently, when you upload a list, you need to “map” or match field names from your list into our system i.e. First Name, Company Name, etc. Before, this was a manual process, now it’s automatic. Any default fields in our system (First Name, Last Name, Birth date, etc.) will automatically be mapped for you, and if you’re using a field name in your email list that’s similar to one of our defaulted field choices, we’ll match those, too.

For example, if the first name field in your list is titled “F_Name,” we’ll match that up with our default, “First Name.” If your field isn’t automatically matching up, let us know and we can add it to our system so it’ll recognize it later. Custom fields (i.e. Favorite Color, Favorite Wine) will still need to be mapped manually.

And that is a wrap for 2014. Keep up with us on the blog for sneak peeks at upcoming releases in the first quarter; we have exciting things in store for your VerticalResponse account.

Want to share product feedback with us? We’re all ears! Share in the comments section.

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