Getting to the top of Google’s natural search rankings is a big challenge with lots of moving parts. It’s a little science, a little art and some luck doesn’t hurt, either!

So how ’bout some Google SEO tips? One thing’s for sure, the words you use on your site, blog & other content are going to be “key” in helping get you there. But using images (which hopefully you do, or your site and pages are bo-ring) can be a huge help too.



Simple. When the Google “bots” take a look at your site they “see” things like words and meta descriptions you have attached to a photo or image (they don’t “see” the photo.) So make sure to optimize them by including a title, file name, description and alt-tags with keywords that you want to rank high for when you use images on your site! Plus, with Google Images results, you’ll have a better chance of having your optimized images show up there, too!

Want more SEO help? Here’s a great article for SEO for Beginners from the folks at SEOmoz.

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