We were just recently at a trade show where there were over 50,000 people. It was crazy! The expo hall was buzzing with the usual suspects:

  • People at a booth in labcoats – your marketing Dr.’s? (Original!)
  • The logo’d hand sanitizers, chapsticks and breath mints – boring but useful
  • Get your picture taken with “the President” or some actor who looks like him
  • Stress balls – do people still use those?
  • Sweepstakes for an iPad – have you ever won?

And the list of trade show giveaways goes on. But one of the busiest booths at the show? The booth giving away cool t-shirts. I even saw some people wearing them AT THE SHOW.

What made them cool? The graphic wasn’t “all about the company” (not to mention it was fun) and the quality of the shirt was epic.

Yep, t-shirts still got it. Using ’em for your biz? Tell us about it!

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