Consumers flock to businesses they recognize, and an effective logo can build that recognition. The Amazon arrow, the Starbucks siren, the Shell shell — everywhere you look, there’s a logo waiting to catch the eye and say, often without any words, that the brand behind it is prepared to provide exceptional products or services.

A logo anchors a brand — it’s shorthand for your business, telling customers who you are and unifying all of your marketing efforts. In an instant, the best logos are able to attract customers and engender goodwill.

Because the human brain remembers visuals better than words, a logo — the visual embodiment of a brand — is one of the most important marketing tools in any business’s toolkit. We all know a catchy email subject line can help you cut through the clutter of your subscribers’ inboxes. But once that email has been opened, a strong logo in the header will remind readers of the business behind the marketing message. And remind them that it’s a business they recognize and trust.

So how do you create a logo that works for your business? What’s the design process like? How much should a logo cost? What can you learn from famous logos that got it right or wrong? What will make your own logo stand out from the competition in a way that clicks with customers?

Find the answers to these questions and more in our free eBook, Guide to Logo Design. Download it today before starting your own logo.

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