In the old days there was a pretty limited set of options to spread a message far and wide:

  1. You could climb to the top of a mountain and shout to the people below.
  2. You could tell some guy on horseback to ride from town to town and yell it to people he passed.
  3. You could pay people to hand-copy something you wrote and hand-deliver it all over the place.
  4. And in the more recent past, there were fliers and phone trees (which were admittedly kind of fun).

While each of those options could help get the word out (and in some cases have awesome fitness side effects), reaching a large audience was no small feat.

Email marketing (along with a few other technologies) changed that. And in the last few years, social media has completely revamped the game. Today, the rules change again:

VerticalResponse is happy to introduce our enhanced social media features for email marketing!

You asked for it and we delivered. We’ve been working on our new social features for several months, taking great care to build what you need. In the last couple of months we introduced you to the basics of the new features which give you the ability to:

  • Include social sharing icons in the emails you create
  • Share your email on Twitter and BOTH your Facebook Profile AND business Page(s) when you launch your email
  • Track the social activity generated by your email

And, we also discussed a couple of finer points of the integration:

  • Clicks vs. Social Reach: Who clicks on the icons in the email they receive from you, and how viral it becomes once it hits the social networks
  • Facebook Graph API: The latest and greatest from Facebook that enables almost all of our new features

Now it’s time to give this new stuff a try!  Social Sharing icons are enabled by default in any new email you create, and you can share your email right from the launch page, so it’s easy to start sharing right away. And as we know, sharing is caring (enough said).

So create a new email and share it with the world (and let others do some of the sharing for you). You’ll be glad you didn’t have to climb a mountain to do it (unless you’re into that sort of thing).

To learn more, see our Social Media help pages.

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