Happy 2013! Hard to believe a new year is here, but in the time-honored tradition of “Best of” lists, we offer you the top 12 webinars of 2012. Not only did these webinars have tons of attendees and gobs of online views, but they presented new and useful topics to help your email and social media marketing.

So here are, in descending order, the 12 most popular webinars of 2012!

12. Email Delivery Changes in The New Year – This webinar is chock-full of useful delivery info, in easy-to-understand terms. Watch now.

11. 10 Keys to a Killer Facebook Timeline – This webinar covers how to create a great Facebook page timeline, with stellar examples and tips. Watch now.

10. Pinterest for Your Business – 2012 was the year for Pinterest, and to help small businesses learn about how to use the popular and growing social network for their businesses, we presented this fun webinar. Watch now.

9. 5 Copywriting Mistakes to Avoid – Everyone makes mistakes. This webinar takes you through five common copywriting mistakes you want to avoid, and how to fix and/or prevent them! Watch now.

8. Content is King – The content of your emails, blogs, websites, and even social media outlets has never been more important for driving engagement and meeting the needs of customers. This webinar, presented by a VR customer and marketing team members, has great tips and real-life examples to help you create content. Watch now.

7. Get the Inside Scoop on Google Analytics – Our MarComm director demonstrates the ins and outs of using Google Analytics for your small business, including heaps of great tips! Watch now.

6. The Power of Google Places: How & Why Every Business Needs Top SEO Positioning – Special guest, Winston Cook, from Local SEO joined us to give some great insight on how small businesses can take advantage of and optimize their Google Places listings. Watch now.

5. LinkedIn For Your Business – Everyone says you need to use LinkedIn for your business, but how do you get started? This webinar is invaluable for navigating LinkedIn for new users. Watch now.

4. Creating a Successful Email – We present this webinar every month to help those new to email marketing, or as a refresher for those who’ve been doing it for awhile. Watch now.

3. 4 Quick Ways to Make the Most out of Email and Social Media – VerticalResponse CEO, Janine Popick, presented a useful webinar to help small businesses balance their email and social marketing. Watch now.

2. How to Avoid the Spam Folder – This webinar discusses email delivery and what you can do to help get your emails to the inbox. Watch now.

1. Word of Mouth Marketing 101 with Andy Sernovitz – As our #1 most popular webinar, this proves that word of mouth marketing really works! Andy Sernovitz, author of Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking, joined us to talk about how to energize your fans and get positive word of mouth for your business. He also provided some very entertaining examples. Watch now.

There you have them, our 12 most popular webinars of 2012, and we look forward to bringing you many more information-packed webinars come 2013.

What webinar topics would you like us to offer in 2013? Share in the comments!

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