Twitter is the little blue darling of the social networking world. Or, maybe a canary or actual bluebird, nobody really knows. Either way, it’s here to stay and if you’re not on it, run and check it out. Twitter is by far one of the most popular social media marketing tools and has exploded in use over its six short years of existence. Michael Brenner, from, recently published his list of 9 Top Twitter Tips You Can Start Using Today.

Brenner’s tips include:

1. Listen before you tweet

Tweeting can sometimes feel like shouting down into the empty Grand Canyon and wondering if anyone can hear you. At the end of the day, its about engagement. Find some people you really respect to follow, watch how they interact, and start tweeting once you have something of value to say.

2. Share great content

Brenner writes, “Twitter is an amazing mechanism for distributing news, tips, blogs and other types of information. I am somewhat voracious about my desire to scan, filter and share great content. And to me, this is the greatest way to gain followers and become known as a valuable content curation source for your audience.”

3. Engage with people

It is called SOCIAL media, after all.

4. Find your voice

Tweet about your passions. Your excitement for the subject matter carries through and can be compelling to people with similar interests.

5. Mind your manners

Follow back real followers and thank people who retweet you or offer positive feedback.

6. Mix up your strategy

Brenner explains, “Sometimes I follow all the people who RT me. Other times, I thank them. Other times I RT one of their tweets. And other times, I will go and comment on one of their great blog posts. I try to find different ways to engage with people and test new approaches.”

7. Use Twitter Tools
There are tons of social media management tools that are compatible with Twitter. Find one that works for you and use it to help keep yourself organized and engaged with your followers.

8. Use hashtags sparingly

Brenner suggests using hashtags sparingly for the greatest effect and to avoid coming off as SPAM-ish.

9. Attend Tweetchats

Tweetchats are a great way to meet new people who have similar interests. This is especially valuable for new users who are looking for compelling people to follow in their areas of specialty or interest.

What other Twitter tips do you have?

Source: 9 Top Twitter Tips You Can Start Using Today

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