The most important part of any social marketing campaign is the engagement that happens from the content you share with your audience. With most social marketing platforms, the interaction with your posts is intermingled with all the other noise in the socialsphere. To resolve that problem, Roost by VerticalResponse has implemented a feature called Conversations.

With Conversations, you are notified within the application if one of your specific posts receives a comment on either Facebook or Twitter (currently, LinkedIn does not support commenting in Roost). The notifications will look familiar as they follow a similar notification protocol to Facebook. The red circles, as seen in the example below, contain the number of comments you’ve received on each of your social networks.

When you click on the Details button in the bottom right-hand corner, you’ll open a window that provides access to the interactions as well as the ability to comment back to your various audiences.

So instead of having to login into Facebook and Twitter, all your conversations take place in your Roost by VerticalResponse account. This allows you to concentrate on the audience that is engaging with you, helping to build deeper relationships. But, it also keeps the distractions of social media at bay allowing you to be more efficient with your social marketing efforts.

We encourage you to take Conversations for a spin and let us know how it’s helping your social media efforts and strengthening your connections.

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