One of the most common challenges we hear from small businesses owners when it comes to social media marketing is how to find great content to post. Let’s face it, figuring out what to post takes time and work.

Well one of the terrific things about our new social marketing tool Roost, is that it comes loaded with great content choices you can easily drop into a social campaign.  And since it’s critical you use content that’s relevant to your business…Roost’s content library covers over 50 different industries with fresh content every day.

– Question: How do you find all this great suggested content in Roost?

– Answer: Very easily 🙂

Next time you’re creating a Campaign or a Single Post in Roost you’ll find content in two places:

1) The “Suggested Links” Library gives you links to tons of articles and blog posts from across the web, and these are refreshed daily!

From the “Add Link”, simply select the article you want to include in your campaign, read it to make sure you know what it’s about and then select it to add.

See below for a screenshot:

2) The “Suggested Quotes” Library gives you a terrific bank of quotes across a wide range of topics that make great conversation and engagement starters.  To find it, go to the “Add Quote” module when creating a Single Post or Campaign and it will be one of the options.  From there you can browse the different Quote categories and select one to add to your post(s).  See screenshot below again:


3) Bonus tip – how to add or revise the content sources that show up in the Links library

Roost has custom content for over 50 industries and areas of interest.  To change the content sources you see, all you have to do is hit the “Sources” link in the top right navigation bar and customize to your heart’s content!

Did you know that you can even add your own favorite content feeds in here so that they regularly appear in your Suggested Links library?…Just click “Add a Feed” and enter the URL and it will begin appearing in Roost for you.


Give suggested content on Roost by VerticalResponse a try today!

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