Your logo communicates a great deal about your business and what it stands for. It’s a visual cue that speaks of your professionalism, reflects the quality of your product or service, and even provides insight to your company culture.

Over the holidays, your logo offers you the opportunity to get creative and celebrate the festivities of the season. A holiday version(s) of your logo can express lighthearted joy and heartfelt sentiment alike. Think of your logo as a greeting card you’re sending to all of your prospects and customers.

Many well-known brands update their logo for the holidays. The Google Doodle is perhaps the most famous of them all.


Examples from a couple of other companies you might recognize.

You can easily add a little holiday panache to your logo. Deluxe logo design has many affordable options, and if you want an email template with your holiday logo, they can do that too. Here are some fun examples of holiday logos by Deluxe designers.



We hope you get the opportunity to have a little fun with your brand this season. For more holiday marketing ideas and resources, check out our Everything Holiday site.

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