We’re well through half of 2013 and what better way to celebrate, reflect, and/or refresh than with a roundup of the top 10 posts (so far) from the VR Marketing Blog. Since January, we’ve produced almost 200 posts chock full of helpful marketing tips, tactics, how-tos, industry news, secrets, insider knowledge, plus a chuckle or two. And, we’re still goin’ strong! To ensure you haven’t missed anything, check out the most popular marketing blog posts (favorited by all of you) of 2013 thus far:

10Are You a Content Thief and Don’t Know It?

Is the act of producing engaging content encouraging nefarious behavior? Have you ever discovered a piece of your own work copied word-for-word on another website or blog without being given proper credit? Feels pretty crummy, and there are far reaching consequences for both sides. The majority of content “theft” or plagiarism is most likely unintentional, and in this post, we explore content curation vs. content scraping and how to avoid going to the dark side for great content. Read More

9. Writing for the Web (It’s Not What You Learned in School)

Writing doesn’t come easily for many people; let alone writing for the web. But now that almost everyone’s first destination for information is the web, content – and being able to produce it – is becoming more important, no matter what your industry. And if you’re a small business, having a website with informative, engaging content is crucial to marketing and growing your company. If you’re in need of a little writing refresher, here are five website copywriting basics to know before you start typing. (Hint: They’re probably not what your English teacher taught you.) Read More

8. The Dissection of a Bloody Good Email Newsletter

Anatomy, deriving from the Greek translation, “I cut up, cut open,” and the ability to piece together or dissect things carefully is also a test to your email marketing skills. Concoct an engaging email newsletter with all of the right parts and you win; otherwise, you risk losing a turn, or worse, readers. So what makes up the anatomy of a bloody good email newsletter? Let’s operate. Read More

7. 3 Simple Mistakes You Might be Making with Email Design

There’s an art to creating an email that your customers want to open and read. With the ever increasing number of businesses using email marketing, it’s important that your email stands out. And while there are lots of great tips on best email practices, sometimes it’s the little design mistakes that can send your email straight to “unsubscribe prison.” Here are 3 mistakes to avoid when designing your next email. Read More

6. 5 Google AdWords Tips for a Small Budget

You’re interested in marketing your small business online, but you don’t have a lot of money to spend. Google’s online advertising program, Google AdWords, allows you to place an ad in front of customers searching for products/services you offer. You can create an Adwords account with as little as $5. Google AdWords is a pay per click model, so you’re only charged when a user clicks your ad. But how do you compete with big companies with the budgets to match? What if you only have $100 a month to spend on online advertising? The key to advertising with a small budget is to narrow your campaign and be as targeted as possible. Read More

5. Top 6 Social Media No-Nos to Avoid

Everyone makes mistakes, but committing a major social media no-no has the potential of hindering your business’s hard-earned reputation. A good rule of thumb is, “when in doubt, don’t.” But, if you’re wondering about specifics, here are the top 6 social media mistakes to avoid, especially in the wake of some serious social media faux pas. Read More

4. Want Better Facebook Engagement? Stop What You’re Doing

When it comes to marketing your business or brand on Facebook, you think you know what works for engaging your followers… but it turns out, you might not.

Buddy Media analyzed user engagement on more than 1,800 Facebook Pages from some of the world’s largest brands. The results? A 32-page report telling us that as marketers, in some cases, we’ve got it all wrong. The extensive report, “Strategies for Effective Wall Posts: A Timeline Analysis” covers the best days and times to post on Facebook by industry, the type of content that resonates best with Facebook users, and posting strategies proven to increase interaction. Let’s uncover the truths about what really works for successful Facebook engagement. Read More

3. You Had Me at Hello – 5 Types of Subject Lines to Engage Your Audience

Your readers’ inboxes are a crowded place these days and with all that competition, you’ve got to up your ante to stand out. If you’re sending email on a regular basis to subscribers that have opted-in and want to hear from you, you’re off to a good start. But you’ve got to hook ‘em with attention getting subject lines, so you can reel them into the content of your email. Here are five subject line types and real-life examples to guide you on your way to success. Read More

25 Cool Photos Apps to Make Your Images Pop

Using compelling images in your emails, blog posts, pins, Facebook status updates, and of course, on Instagram, the hippest social network around, is crucial in these image-centric times. But how can you set your pictures apart from the millions of other photos? We’ve got five photo apps that’ll make your pictures pop, and your friends jealous of your mad image skills. Read More

1. Copywriting Cheat Sheet: How to Write for Email, Social & the Web

Now we don’t normally condone “cheating,” but when it comes to writing effective copy for various online marketing channels, like Facebook, email, or a website, we wholeheartedly approve of you using our copywriting cheat sheet infographic.

Producing content and promoting it is a top priority for gaining and retaining customers, but not every marketing channel is the same. Your writing should also accommodate each channel and the audience it attracts. But what tone of voice should you use, how many characters do you include, when should you sell, or simply converse? Our cheat sheet answers these questions so that your content is both engaging and effective… And this is one cheat sheet you don’t have to worry about getting caught using. Pass it on! Read More


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