Baltimore fans weren’t the only ones partying Sunday night; Twitter sacked the social network competition and totally won the social media Super Bowl. According to a story in Venture Beat, Twitter was mentioned in 50% of all Super Bowl ads, and with commercials going for $3.8 million per 30 seconds of airtime, that adds up to some pretty serious value!

Facebook was mentioned in only 8% of national ads, and YouTube and Instagram were mentioned once. Poor Google+ wasn’t even mentioned.

Twitter wasn’t only dominant in the TV commercials, but in usage too. During the power outage, usage spiked to an impressive 231,500 Tweets per minute. We’re surprised all those smartphone screens weren’t bright enough to light the field!

With the Super Bowl now over, the social media wars are sure to keep going as strong as ever. Maybe next year Twitter and Facebook will face off like an old school Bud Bowl match.

Sources: Super Bowl Ad Prices Rise: Worth the Cost? ; Wow: Twitter mentioned in 50% of Super Bowl ads, Facebook 8%, & Google+ 0%

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