You probably use email marketing to do a ton of communications for your business, but did you ever think about your email campaigns as a simple reminder to your customers?

How American Apparel Did It

It was Earth Day and as I scanned by inbox, I saw a promotional email from American Apparel. Love the wear ’em till they drop styles. So am I ever really “in the market” for their t-shirts? No. I don’t actively think about getting them, but when an email popped into my inbox it made me think “Hey, I think I need some t-shirts, I’ll get a few now and avoid having to find a store and save 10x the amount of precious time I have by just hitting Buy Now!”

So even if people aren’t buying the exact product or service you’re offering in your email, you can still stay top of mind and maybe they’ll buy something else or keep you in mind when they need to.

And, remember, you’re emails don’t always need to be selling. Try creating a weekly or bimonthly newsletter filled with great content, helpful tips and how-tos. By becoming a resource and giving your customers useful information you can become valued, trusted and be their go-to when they’re ready to buy.

Remember, every email you send is an “impression” you’re making on your customers. How do you use your email marketing to stay top of mind?

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