You may find this an odd time for reflection. We admit, tisn’t the regular season. It’s only July! Though most people reserve this type of musing for year-end, we like to take stock regularly and listen to the needs of our customers to inform product development all year round. Don’t worry, there are no chilling visits from ghosts in this post, and we’ve spared you a Charles Dickens novella. Just don’t wait until the end of the year to assess your email marketing. Do it now and make sure you’re taking advantage of all our recently added features and enhancements.

Check out the top three features from the past year, two from our most recent release, and a brief rundown of what you can expect in the months ahead.


1.  Email Signup Forms (June 2014)

A signup form is an essential part of building your email list. When someone visits your website, blog, or social media site, you want to make it easy for them to sign up and receive on-going communication from you. By submitting their email address, they give you permission to stay in touch. This level of interest means a high-quality lead and usually more opens and clicks for your emails.

VerticalResponse offers email signup forms that you can customize and post wherever you like. You can embed the form on your site or use as a hosted web form. Each time someone fills it out, their email address will be automatically added to your list. It’s a must-do for collecting addresses to grow your list.

Explore our Signup Forms including templates, thank you pages, and responsive designs.

2.  Welcome Emails (October 2014)

A welcome email is an automatic message sent to a new subscriber when they sign up for your email list. It’s a great way to greet them and reinforce the value of being part of your list. The welcome email can also be used to set the expectation for the type and frequency of emails you will send them. Use it to encourage a next step. It’s a great way to prompt your new subscriber to check out a particular part of your site, offer them content, or incentivize them to make a purchase while their interest level is high.

VerticalResponse allows you to choose from a variety of templates and customize or design your own welcome email. Indicate which subscriber list should receive the autoresponder and then activate the campaign. You can view and monitor all statistics including open and clicks in reporting.

Check out tips and examples on creating a welcome email.

3.  Logo Footer Removal (April 2015)

If you want subscribers to see only your branding and not ours, you can now remove the VerticalResponse logo from the footer of your emails. This action is easy to take and available for paid accounts.

You can follow the simple instructions on how to remove the VerticalResponse logo here.


Be sure to check out VerticalResponse’s most recent release in its entirety. A couple highlights include:

1.  Follow-Up Emails

You can schedule a follow-up email to be sent automatically to the people who did not open the original email. Follow-up emails are considered best practice among professional email marketers and is shown to lift open rates by an average of 30%. VerticalResponse has now automated this process so you can enjoy the benefit with just a couple clicks.

Find out more about Follow-Up Emails and how you can incorporate them into your next campaign.

2.  Editor Enhancements

Your drag and drop email editor is sporting some new enhancements. It’s now easier than ever to create professional emails for your business. Choose from an updated list of templates, design your email with more choices, and create the perfect call-to-action with our button builder.

Learn about these enhancements and more here.

Yet To Come

With no rest for the weary, our developers are already working on the next features that will further improve your email marketing efforts.

Salesforce Integration

Email marketing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are two tools that when paired together are much more powerful than when used separately. This major update to our integration will provide users with responsive email templates, two-way syncing of Contacts, and automatically keep data in sync across your Campaigns and Reports.

Watch this sneak peek to see details of this updated integration.

Timed Series

Timed emails are perfect for leading subscribers through an onboarding process, or taking them through a campaign series such as a drip campaign. This marketing automation feature is coming soon.

List Segmentation

VerticalResponse is adding another level of list management. Enjoy the ability to segment, sort and search within your email lists. This feature will improve your capacity to target specific subscribers.



Rejuvenate your email marketing spirit with these great features to get better results. We wish you the best all throughout the year!

Check out all premium features available with monthly payment plans.

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